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AluBOOYAH. Ski Mountaineering Bike

Presentata al recente NABHS 2014 la AluBOOYAH é una fatbike veramente unica.

Prodotta dalla statunitense BOO Bicycles famosa per le sue biciclette in bamboo, é realizzata su un frameset in alluminio e legno e progettata per trasportare tutta l’attrezzatura da sci alpinismo.

” This bike was inspired by an ice climb, near Torreys Peak, in Colorado. Getting to the climb involves 3-4 miles of snow-mobile/ski track, and mile or so of uphill skiing. We love the idea of human powered access, and I’ve always wanted to fat bike (rather than ski or hike) the snow-mobile track. This ski mountaineering bike allows for easy, clean, and secure ski stowing, as well as a bunch of other gear. In short, this bike is pushing the limits of access to the great outdoors, as well as financial access to handmade frames ($895 frame set w/ aluminum fork)!”


Fonte: boobicycles