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McQueen Heritage Grip

McQueen Heritage Grip é un progetto di Benedikt Kaul, studente in industrial design all’Università delle Scienze Applicate di Monaco in Germania.

Manopole e leve freno per bicicletta realizzate in pregiato legno di noce con un elegante ed originale design.

” Our design began on the basis to which stereotypes of yesteryear, those classic men would allow ergonomics as an element to their motorcycle and how far ergonomic design may go so that it would thereby do not encounter a negative attitude at the ‘original’ ‘Triumph‘-drivers. Within this framework, we decided against that perfect ergonomic design and attempted merely possible improvement approaches to filter and implement the most suitable.”

” The question of the material cleared up quickly because our concept of this was given basically. Our target group and their motorcycles stand for something classical, qualitative and noble. In addition, it had to come up to the user’s emotionality and impression. European walnut seemed well suited. The choice of material was also critical to the design of the entire grip: the clearest possible edges and little radii so as not to mitigate the aesthetic value of the wood. The ‘McQueen Heritage Grip’ is a collector’s item that completely reflects the spirit of that tried and true.”


Fonte: benediktkaul