Mind is the Ride. Un libro di Jet McDonald

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Fresco di stampa è questo libro di Jet McDonald intitolato Mind is the Ride, che utilizzando un nuovo stile narrativo, ci racconta le esperienze vissute nel suo viaggio in bicicletta di 4000 miglia fino in India e ritorno.

” When Jet McDonald cycled four thousand miles to India and back, he didn’t want to write a straightforward travel book. He wanted to go on an imaginative journey.

Mind is the Ride takes the reader on a physical and intellectual adventure from West to East using the components of a bike as a metaphor for philosophy, which is woven into the cyclist’s experience. Each chapter is based around a single component, and as Jet travels he adds new parts and new philosophies until the bike is ‘built’; the ride to India is completed; and the relationship between mind, body and bicycle made apparent.

The age of the travelogue is over: today we need to travel inwardly to see the world with fresh eyes. Mind is the Ride is that journey, a pedal-powered antidote to the petrol-driven philosophies of the past.”

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Offerta Speciale € 18,86