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Ahearne Cycles, Matzelle stainless steel bike

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Joseph Ahearne da anni costruisce bellissime biciclette artigianali a Portland in Oregon, pezzi unici che realizza in collaborazione con i suoi esclusivi clienti.

Questa che vi presentiamo oggi è una delle sue ultime creazioni e si tratta di una bici all-road in acciaio inox destinata a percorrere le strade più impervie del Colorado, in ogni condizione climatica.

Qui potete leggere tutta la storia

” For this bike I used mostly Reynolds 921 work hardened stainless steel tubing. I chose this tubing because the walls come slightly thicker than much of the other stainless tubing available. Running 27.5″ tires at almost three inches wide, this wasn’t meant to be a race bike, so weight wasn’t the first concern. I wanted stability and comfort. And too, putting a rack on a bike stresses a frame differently than having just a rider. 

The man who commissioned this build is relocating to Colorado, up in the mountains. He told me he wanted something that could take all the various conditions that he might encounter: Roads, single track, snow & ice, dirt, gravel. We talked it through and he said, “I want something special,” and he gave me license to interpret that in my own way, limited only by the parameters of what the bike would need to do, and where it might go…”


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