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Speedvagen GTFO. Made in Portland e pronta a tutto

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La Speedvagen GTFO è l’ultima interessante proposta della factory di Portland, che produce biciclette artigianali di altissimo livello ed in serie limitata.

Realizzata con un telaio in acciaio super leggero e forcella in carbonio, la GTFO è stata persata per soddisfare la voglia di avventura senza rinunciare alle performance. Che sia la semplice uscita giornaliera su ghiaia o il weekend in bikepacking, questo è lo strumento ideale.

” You could take the most direct route to wherever, but what do you really want to do? Where is the fun? What makes you feel alive?? 

The GTFO is born from how we “want” to ride, rather than how we “should” ride. As an expansion of our Urban Racer platform, the GTFO started its life with the same racey geometry, but with a few tweaks, it’s ready to take you to new places. Explore your town, commute, lock it up, but where the GTFO really shines is when you want to get the f*ck out…QUICK… Want to leave work, camp and be home in time for breakfast with the family? So do we and things like this are exactly why we built this bike.  Have a gravel event coming up? Ditch the bags and its ready to race. Want a more beefy version of the Urban Racer just to have some extra fun where ever you are going it’s good at that too.

The GTFO isn’t about sport, or training,  it’s about solitude, fun, and being out doors. The GTFO is whatever each rider makes of it. Go as fast as you can spin those pedals or take it easy and enjoy the view.”

Tutti i dettagli tecnici e le specifiche a questo link.


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