Bikepacking nella Ruta Del Diablo in Argentina, by Ryan Wilson

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Ryan Wilson ci racconta la sua ultima esperienza in bikepacking nella remota e selvaggia Ruta Del Diablo in Argentina. Un lungo percorso di 328 km con più di 3.000 mt di dislivello, immersi nella più completa solitudine e in un paesaggio simile alle lande desolate del pianeta Marte.

Il reportage fotografico completo e la storia del viaggio, la potrete leggere nel dettaglio a questo link.

” After coming away from my first Puna de Atacama experience with a renewed sense of excitement for the other-worldly landscape and solitude of the high Andean desert, I was really looking forward to what else this region of Northern Argentina had to offer. Once again, there were a few different route options on the menu. One being a rather well-worn affair (for the Atacama at least), with a few extra towns dotting the map to make re-supplying a bit easier, along with rumors of a better riding surface. The other, a rarely used track setting off through a string of Satan-themed canyons, salt flats, and remote mountain passes….”


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