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Spirit of Adventure. Il nuovo video di Diamondback

Spirit of Adventure_Diamondback_video_1

Spirit of Adventure è il nuovo video della famosa azienda statunitense Diamondback Bicycles, che ci racconta in circa 5 minuti l’esperienza di un fantastico viaggio attraverso gli splendidi paesaggi naturali americani.

Il protagonista di questa mini avventura è il ciclista del team di mtb Mike Hopkins, che il sella alla sua Diamondback Haanjo 7C Carbon, ci fa assaporare lo spirito d’avventura e di libertà che si prova praticando il bikepacking.

Spirit of Adventure. Diamondback Bicycles

” Think of all those incredibly uncomfortable situations you have found yourself over the years, and they were right there with ya… hell, they were the ones that talked you into it. They have a way of making the unknown something we can’t live without, you could even call them the curators of curiosity. They were the ones that introduced us to skids and wheelies, and the long way home. They are the master manipulators of “Just a bit Further”, that can’t even spell “Straight and Narrow”. They are our best friends and worst enemies, the curious, the wild, the irrational voices of awesome… The Spirit of Adventure!”

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