Bikepacking estremo in Ecuador. Fango e sudore

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Affrontare un viaggio in bikepacking nelle Ande è già molto impegnativo, ma Franzi & Jona (Tales On Tyres) che da anni girano il mondo in bicicletta, hanno deciso di attraversare l’Ecuador nel bel mezzo della stagione delle piogge.

Una scelta che, per quanto azzardata, si è rivelata poi più impegnativa di quanto potesse essere immaginato, ed ha messo a dura prova il fisico e la determinazione dei due avventurosi bikers tedeschi.

Il percorso ricalca la Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route, ed attraversa in paese andino da nord a sud, lungo strade sterrate e sentieri di montagna che in questa stagione sono quasi sempre allagate, fangose e spesso impraticabili per le frane.

Una vera e propria sfida, che li ha portati spesso a superare i propri limiti fisici e mentali.

” I can do this. I am repeating it like a mantra over and over again, as though if I think it hard enough I might finally start to believe it. I keep pushing my bicycle along the muddy track uphill. Jona is far ahead of me, I can hardly make out his neon green rain jacket in the mist of clouds and rain. I’m wet, cold, and this whole thing is damn stupid. Stop. I can do this – Focus! I am trying not to give any space to my negative thoughts, even when I am on the verge of bursting into tears or losing my temper completely – or both. Right now I’m not sure which one sounds more appealing. However, I remind myself for the thousandth time that throwing my bike in the mud and sobbing with self-pity won’t help me climb this hill either. Here I am, desperately clinging to reason while another part of me just wants to yell at the rain and the mountain stretching ahead of me, as loud as I can, using a wide range of inappropriate and multi-lingual swear words. Right now, the only way out of this shit is to push forward. So instead of wasting my energy getting angry at a situation I deliberately put myself into, I save it instead, using all of it to get my damn bicycle up the steep climb.”


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