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The Progress Bike, un progetto di Paul Timmer

Progress Bike by Paul Timmer_1

The Progress Bike è l’ultima creazione del designer olandese Paul Timmer che non è nuovo a stupire con i suoi esclusivi progetti di biciclette artigianali. Qualche anno fa, infatti avevamo avuto modo di apprezzare la sua Wooden Bike, bici urbana in legno di frassino.

The Progress differs from all other bikes with its unconventional rear: the back wheel is attached to only two tubes – one horizontally and one diagonally – instead of four. This has immediate consequences for the rest of the design. The rear is in itself unstable, so I had to find new ways to secure and strengthen it.  The rear wheel is fixed with a 15mm thru axle – which you’d normally only find on a mountain bike’s front wheel. The back and front wheel are now exactly the same. The cog is attached to the disc mount on the hub, making it a fixed gear. 

The front fork’s tubes run from the axle, alongside the head tube towards the handles. A similar construction can be found in my wooden bike i made a few years ago. To give The Progress an industrial, hand-made feel, the steel is only clear coated, giving it a bit of a rough look.”

Specifiche: ruote, guarnitura, sella, Tune, freni a disco Hope, pedali Crankbrothers, tubazioni Columbus Zona.

La bicicletta può essere pre-oordinata utilizzando questo form.


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