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Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle. Concept

Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_1

Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle è un progetto del finlandese Janne Pärssinen, studente presso la Aalto University of Art, Design and Architecture di Helsinki.

” Kaari is a variant of the traditional two wheeled ‘Long John’ cargo bicycle, which has a cargo space in the front behind the front wheel. With small changes to the geometry of the bicycle and by using cable steering, I could make the model shorter and nimbler and improve the handling. I tried to make the cargo space as multifunctional as possible. The bike can be loaded in many different ways and various accessories can be designed to make it better suited for specific needs, such as transporting children. The concept was the second winner in a design competition for Helkama.”


Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_2

Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_3

Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_2

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Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_6

Kaari Electric Cargo Bicycle_urbancycling_7