Fietssport.The illustration style. Progetto creativo

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Fietssport è il maggior portale online per il ciclismo nei Paesi Bassi ed offre molti servizi alle migliaia di ciclisti che vi accedono ogni giorno. The illustration style, realizzato dai graphic designer olandesi (Marten de Jongh, Sonal Jadhav e Morrow The Creative Club), è un progetto creativo di restyling, realizzato per migliorare alcune funzioni del sito.

L’esigenza era quella di evidenziare i molti vantaggi destinati ai membri iscritti alla piattaforma, modificando le attuali 7 icone con delle illustrazioni 2D e 3D, in modo da comunicare più efficacemente le loro iniziative promozionali.

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Challenge: Being a Fietssport member comes with many benefits; those benefits were previously represented as icons on their website. We wanted to bring those advantages to life! They needed to be illustrated in a practical way, yes, but also in a way that paid homage to the sport: exciting, fast and with lots of depth and movement.

Solution: Our vision was to make the online cycling world as profound as the real one. Moving the icons to illustration was a great first step, but why stop there? To be able to transform the icons to an illustration style that really embodied the depth and passion seen in the cycling world, we teamed up with Calvin Sprague of Union Haus (for style and composition) and Sonal Jadhav (for 3D processing).

Result: Using the colours and elements of the Fietssport identity, we have created seven illustrations that show the many advantages of being a Fietssport member. On top of this, and of equal importance, we paid tribute to the cycling sport. A sport and a brand to be proud of.

Art / concept Direction : Marten de Jongh – 2D illustration : Calvin Sprague – 3D illustration : Sonal Jadhav.