Sam Peet. Illustrazioni vettoriali e bici

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Sam Peet è un illustratore e designer inglese, diplomato presso la Cambridge School of Art nel 2008 e che fa parte del collettivo di creativi, Brothers of the Stripe.

Il suo stile molto grafico e comunicativo è il frutto di numerose esperienze artistiche maturate nel corso degli anni, che lo hanno portato a padroneggiare oltre che nel disegno tradizionale, soprattutto nell’utilizzo di software per l’illustrazione vettoriale, con i quali realizza queste bellissime creazioni.

” I’ve always wanted to draw for a living I think, or be a pro skateboarder or a famous musician, and definitely wanted to be a wrestler like Ultimate Warrior at some point, but mainly I just wanted to make pictures. I studied my art foundation at Suffolk College, then I went to study illustration at the Cambridge School of Art (Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University). At the time my illustration style was really different to what it is now, I used loads of handdrawn elements with lots of colour and texture. I used to try and make as complex images as I could. I think I struggled for a long time trying to develop a way of communicating my ideas visually in a way I was happy with. I got as far as I could with this style, I was doing quite a few commissions consistently but was mainly doing graphic design work. This is when I started using Adobe Illustrator regularly and applying this to my own work.”

“I felt like I had to reinvent my illustration output, which happened really when I started experimenting properly with screen printing and risograph printing, and also vector work. My work wasn’t lending itself to print processes other than digital prints. So I started taking out textures, using bold shapes and line, using limited colour palettes and something definitely clicked for me and this process really helped me develop my illustration style. I finally felt like I could communicate my ideas and concepts directly, without using 100s of layers in Photoshop”


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