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Shapeless Fulfillment. Groenlandia in bikepacking


Shapeless Fulfillment è un bellissimo video che racconta l’ultima avventura in bikepacking di Ben Haggar nelle remote e desolate terre di Groenlandia. Ben è stato il primo uomo ad affrontare in solitaria l’ Arctic Circle Route in bicicletta, ovviamente questo nei mesi estivi. Un viaggio impegnativo, attraverso la sconfinata tundra, terreni accidentati, natura incontaminata e condizioni metereologiche estreme.


Shapeless Fulfillment. Ben Haggar

Inspired by a nomadic sense of exploration, Adventure Photographer and Polar Guide Ben Haggar attempts to be the first person to traverse the Arctic Circle Route in West Greenland by bike in the ‘summer’ months. But first, he has to get there. With the goal of slowing down to the pace of the Arctic, Ben works as a Polar Bear guide and Zodiac driver on a small ship exploring Canada’s fabled Northwest Passage en-route to Greenland.

Beginning at the Greenland Icecap and finishing in the coastal town of Sisimiut, Ben finds himself battling through rough terrain, loneliness, trench foot, and extreme weather. But, finds solace in the simple act of moving across the barren tundra as well as a few kilometres of beautiful singletrack.


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