Tre giorni in gravel bike nel deserto del Marocco

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_1

Ancora un viaggio del club XPDTN3 questa volta nel desero del Marocco, per scoprire in sella alle loro gravel bike 3t Xploro, tutto il fascino e le atmosfere di questi luoghi.

” Our plan was simple: escape wintery weather to sunnier climbs…where could we guarantee that the weather would be suited to our needs?At the Sahara Desert. The world’s largest desert spanning northern Africa. Our most accessible point to get to it, Morocco.

The plan for riding really was never developed much beyond the location and some rough ideas of a few routes. The destination was to be Erfoud, a town providing a great platform for some amazing desert riding. The composition of this XPDTN3 trip would be myself and Marc Gasch which is now usual, a shared love of coffee and cake in equal balance to our riding means we always have a good trip. This time we would be joined by Loren, a friend of Marc’s and a previous XPDTN3 trip rider. A perfect dynamic for 3 days of freestyle desert exploring. The only negative to this group was that I spoke no Spanish and Loren no English, not matter we both understood the language of bike…”


xpdtn3 marocco gravel_2

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_3

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_4

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_5

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_6

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_7

xpdtn3 marocco gravel_8

Fonte: Text by Paul Errington – Photo and video by Marc Gasch