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FERN Chico Disc Plus. In acciaio e pronta a tutto

FERN Chico Disc Plus touring_bicycle_1

Quando parliamo di FERN, già sappiamo che l’argomento tratterà di biciclette artigianali e cicloturismo. Infatti ormai da diversi anni questa giovane azienda di Berlino produce bellissime bici in acciaio fatte a mano, che personalizza con componenti ed accessori di alta gamma.

FERN Chico Disc Plus, una delle loro ultime creazioni, è una classica ed elegante touring bike accessoriata con portapacchi, parafanghi in carbonio e la serie di borse coordinate da cicloturismo della Gramm. Il risultato è una performante ed affidabile bicicletta pronta a macinare chilometri in giro per il mondo.

FERN Chico Disc Plus touring_bicycle_2
FERN Chico Disc Plus touring_bicycle_3

FERN Chico Disc Plus. La presentazione originale

This is the disc brake version of our brand new wide tire allroad Chico Plus bike, featuring a classic style randonneur geometry equipped with the super wide and supple 650BX48mm Rene Herse Switchbackhill extralight tires, for maximum speed and absolut superior comfort on any kind of terrain. The perfect machine combining the best from classic brevet machines à la Rene Herse mixed up with modern today technology, featuring our new Fern 160mm flat direct mount disc brake standard.

” Absolut highlight on this bike are the superlight carbon fenders which are handmade by my friend and fellow framebuilder man Mathias @ Mawis Bikes. Thanks mate for this amazing upgrade!”

FERN Chico Disc Plus touring_bicycle_6
FERN Chico Disc Plus touring_bicycle_7

Componenti ed accessori al top di gamma

” The bike is equipped with a Gevenalle powered 1×11 Shimano XT drivetrain turned by a Wolftooth chainring mounted to a vintage custom anodized square taper bottom bracket Dura Ace 7400 crankset. Super comfy contact points made by Brooks and ESI. Lights and power supply as usual by SON, Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo, lightswitch by Supernova.”

” Perfect colourmatching Velociao paint for the custom made blue and yellow bags made by Gramm Tourpacking. Stems and racks are all made by Fern. Hope you will have some wonderful adventures riding that beauty Robert!”

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